The “HORO” cocktail menu

Unveil the spirit of the Bulgarian folklore dances and recreate the rhythm and the movements in a taste that makes your senses dance to the steps of each horo!

We have selected twelve dances from the six ethnographic regions of Bulgaria and represented them in twelve signature cocktails.
The HORO menu follows the world cocktail trends and is created to remind us of our roots.
We use local ingredients from the represented regions and the cocktails are no-sugar-added.

Each cocktail on the HORO menu is named after a Bulgarian folklore dance (horo), and the pattern is a graphic representation of its choreography.
We are happy to be working on the menu design with the Taratanci team, who have created the beautiful patterns of the dances. We acknowledge their mission to unite people through folklore in an amusing and comprehensible way.
You can learn more about Taratanci’s work here: taratanci